Fun OCaml 2024

Fun OCaml 2024 is an open source hacking event dedicated to OCaml enthusiasts and professionals around the globe!

What to Expect

Fun OCaml brings together developers, researchers, and enthusiasts for an exhilarating two-day event packed with creativity, innovation, and learning. At Fun OCaml we

  • Collaborate on open source projects,
  • Learn through workshops, talks, and hands-on sessions,
  • Connect with fellow OCaml developers from across the globe, and
  • Celebrate the impact and potential of OCaml in solving real-world problems.


  • Talks: Get a high level overview on useful OCaml projects and their use in practice. Talks are live-streamed and will appear on and YouTube after the event.
  • Hacking Sessions with Maintainers: Contribute to OCaml projects and understand their internals.
  • Workshops: An OCaml beginners track, as well as other interesting workshops.
  • Time for Socializing and Collaboration: Connect, share, and collaborate with your peers.


📅 Date: September 16-17, 2024
📍 Location: Akazienstraße 3a, 10823 Berlin, Germany (& Livestream)
🌍 Accessibility: wheelchair-accessible