Fun OCaml 2024

Call for Participation

We're looking for presenters (talks or workshops) for Fun OCaml 2024!

Topics we're interested in:
- how you use OCaml in your business / in your projects
- OCaml libraries, frameworks, and other Open Source projects built on OCaml
- hands-on demonstrations that encourage people to try things on the second day of the event or at home
- seeing actual code and reasoning behind design decisions
- experience reports

Talks are either 25min+10min questions or 30min+5min questions (up to you, but there is a hard limit of 35min for both the talk and questions). Talks will be live-streamed and published on YouTube. You can opt out of YouTube publication.

Workshops are 120min hands-on, interactive sessions. You should provide a step-by step tutorial or other materials that enable participants to follow along and try things on their laptops during the session. You are explicitly welcome to run a workshop that uses part of the time to teach people about a project and onboard them to contributing to the project.

There will also be two special workshops that you can apply to help with:
- OCaml Beginners Workshop (120min)
- Live Streaming Workshop (60min) - walks people through setting up a Twitch or YouTube live stream and provides ideas and tips how to stream about coding

You can make multiple submissions; we will select based on what seems most interesting/useful for the intended audience. It is possible to give both a talk and a workshop.

This event follows the OCaml Code of Conduct, found here:

Fun OCaml takes place September 16 + 17, 2024, in Berlin, Germany.

If you are unable to afford travel and accommodation as a speaker due to your employment situation, please get in touch at We have a very limited budget to support speakers based on need.